Gresham's EpíCenter of Wellbeing

Strength, Flexibility, Balance

Yoga for every BODY.

As a dedicated yoga studio, you will appreciate quality instruction at Epídavros. Skilled instructors are thoughtfully selected to bring yoga to the community through our studio. 

Fascial Stretch Therapy

We bet you didn’t know...
47% of your flexibility is locked up in your joints
42% of your flexibility potential is in your fascia

Healing, Health

Where there is blockage, there is pain.

Modern scientific research has proven acupuncture can promote blood flow, stimulate the body's built-in healing mechanisms, and release natural painkillers such as endorphins, norepinephrine and enkephalin. 

Rejuvenation, Relaxation

More than a luxury.

Bodywork reduces stress and anxiety; key issues that can lead to serious health problems. Manage your physical and mental wellbeing with regular massage.

Detox, Weight Loss, Energy

Ionic Foot Detox
Infrared Sauna
​Whole Body Vibration

To balance the body, purify the body, and to strengthen
the body.

Angelface Aesthetics inside of Epídavros

The beauty guru: Your skin deserves to be healthy too!

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